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Charlie de la Vara- Volleyball Coach


Our job is to push you past the point of what you see in yourself, and allow us to get you to the next level. -CCT


I have been coaching Varsity level volleyball for the last 12 years. I have worked with athletes of all ages and skill level including 8 year olds and even Olympian rostered athletes. I focus on training most positions primarily Libero, Setter, and Pin positions. 

Those athletes that are willing to put in the work are the athletes that see the most outcome and growth from these training sessions. This is not a training for those who just want to spend time with their friends. Our athletes are training to get better and see their game improve exponentially with our training regimen.

With CCT we operate on the 5 pillars of what we deem a successful athlete and team. Heart, Hustle, Communication, Preparedness and Commitment. We believe that these 5 pillars of success are what make an individual a great athlete and what we look for when we are training individually. The ability to translate this back to the team sport is when we will see most athletes thrive through out their seasons.

Book your Training Session Today!!!

CCT Training sessions are filled with high interval training regimens that focus on making the athlete the best they can be. 1 on 1 lessons are a great way for your athlete to feel as though they are getting the individual training that they need. Book a lesson with Coach Charlie today! 

There are options for training with more than one athlete below. Adding in a specific position can add benefit when finding a connection with a setter or working on specific defense and serve receive with a teammate. Check out the different group training and individual session below to see what works best for you and your athlete. All training sessions will be priced for 1 hour.

40$/ athlete


Sunset Spike
Volleyball Court

CC Testimonies

“Within just two months of the sand training my vertical went up 3 inches and I am so much faster in the indoor game.”

Elianna F.

August 2021

“Thank you for taking the time to care for these athletes in more than just the sport. You have an amazing talent for coaching and I am thankful for the time you have spent with my kid in getting them prepared for more than just volleyball”

Athlete Parent- Anonymous

August 2021


Charlie de la Vara

Volleyball Coach



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