2022 Sand Season

We are sticking with the same style of training that has been working for us for years now, but we will start looking at making this a true club program (BIG things to come) and competing in local tournaments and even competing at the national level with certain teams.


This year we are planning on running our sand program out of The Lookout Bar and Grill as our home court. 

Sessions will begin June 1st, 2022 and run through Mid August. 

Calendar will be posted to inform of practice times, dates, and future tournaments to be held. Below are some of the descriptions of the classes that your athlete can register for. If you do not know which class is appropriate for them, email us and we can provide feedback on what we think would be best for them. 


Cost: $450 

Duration: June 8th- August 19th

High level training of beach doubles provided by Alumni of CCT and Coach Charlie himself

Practice times: Wednesday/Friday 0900-1100


This is a level in which those who are new to the game of sand volleyball COED Middle school Camp. With both the Boys and the Girls on the same court there is a new dynamic of mechanics for them BOTH. Each one is able to add such a benefit to one another in their own way. 

These training days are Wednesday and Friday from 0900-11am. 

Both boys and girls will train together at this Division. If you are unsure about whether your athlete fits in this category or not, email us and we can work on placement for your athlete.

Additional coaches will be added in order to assist or run their own practice with the CC mentality and training process in mind. 

Coach Charlie will be present for most of the practices, but not all......

U18 Boys Sand Season

Last year sand training in 2021 was one of the highest level of boys sand volleyball that we have seen as an organization. These athletes have ranged from freshman to seniors and we were even able to add some alumni to train and help run the drills for these athletes. We are expecting to have the same return and outcome for these athletes.

These boys have seen such an improvement through their individual growth as an athlete on and off the court. 


Cost: $500 for this session

Duration: June 7th- August 19th

High level training of beach doubles with Coach Charlie as the primary Coach

Practice times: Tuesday/Thursday 9am-11am


U18 Girls Sand Season

Cost: $500 for this session

Duration: June 7th- August 19th

High level training of beach doubles with Coach Charlie as the primary Coach

Practice times: Tuesday/Thursday 11am-1pm

Last year sand training in 2021 brought forth some amazing female athletes, most of which have accepted offers to compete indoor at colleges all across the United States. These athletes have seen growth on and off the court and their success from the beach season was able to translate with them to the indoor games as well. We took on athletes from 12-18 years old and had an amazing summer training, educating, and succeeding as individuals and as a program. The same is expected to occur this year with the group of girls that have voiced their return back to CCT.


Private and Group Sessions

There have been times in which athletes would like the indivdual or more focused training with their partner. We are offering that with this year sand program and can incorporate more training to help some teams prep for upcoming tournaments and things to train for. 

For more information or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out for more information. Registration will open soon.

-Coach Charlie